ORECA Statement on Disconnects

As impacts of COVID-19 are felt across this state, we are working with our consumer-members to provide the highest level of service they expect and deserve from their electric cooperative.

As early as the 1930s, electric cooperatives were formed to provide much-needed electricity to rural homes, farms, and businesses because no one else would. In the decades since, we have strived to provide safe, affordable, and reliable electricity to our members’ homes and businesses. We continue to do it today – even in times of great crisis – and we will continue to do it long after this global pandemic has passed.

In response to the hardships brought about by COVID-19, all of Oregon’s electric cooperatives have temporarily suspended disconnects and late fees for residential consumer-members. Moreover, we are working closely with our consumers on a case-by-case basis, including deferred payment schedules, finding sources of additional assistance, enhancing existing utility assistance programs, creating new assistance programs, and distributing capital credit payments. After all, these are our neighbors and our friends, and no one knows the circumstances better in our communities than we do.
We realize this is a hardship on our communities and we are willing to do our part to help us get through this pandemic together.

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